Product Design Start-To-Finish

Wild Manta's customers range from new-start to established corporations to realize products and systems from initial concept through production and distribution.

Start with an idea, Finish with sales

Our focus is on the entire experience that goes beyond the "blind coding or design" or pretty "graphics". As port of what we do, the actual product then becomes an experience rather than just a device or thing. Our team is eager to share our years of expertise building government and commercial products and systems. From this experience, we know the most successful companies, products, or systems are those that focus on the customer experience in addition to the technology.

If you are passionate about developing a new product, commercializing a technology, or developing an entire system, Wild Manta is the right choice. We work with all phases of companies but are the most impactful when we start from the beginning. This includes corporate formation, culture definition, branding, strategy, intellectual property creation, product conceptualization, prototyping, full development, testing, transition to manufacturing, marketing and production. We also help with muti-year product road maps that expand your core competitive advantage into the future creating a lasting company. We have a great team that can act in an advisory role or we can do the entire product for you.

Some Products and Systems we've worked on


VXT-9 - Automated Transmitter System

Dynamic RF Training Scenarios at your fingertips

When our armed forces train, they need simulated threats to train against. The VXT-9 system is a scenario-based remotely programmable RF threat simulator all contained in a small pack. From concept to product, it was designed to improve the fidelity of the training experience and be adaptable to the skill level of those being trained.

Weighing only a few pounds, the battery operated VXT-9 can run a scenario for 8-12 hours from a single charge. Up to 9 VXT-9 units can participate in a single scenario and are GPS synchronized and tracked. The scenario can be stopped, paused, resumed or adapted on-the-fly. This product is also being sold through Intelligence Warfighting Strategists, Inc. as WARRS.


The Original Boozie Bucket

Absolutely the best bait bucket/cooler you will ever own

The ORIGINAL BOOZIE BUCKET could just be thought of as a soft-side wrap and lid for a plain ol' 5 gallon bucket. But it's so much more! It's about taking the humble 5 gallon bucket which is already every outdoorsman's friend and buddying it up with the ORGINAL BOOZIE BUCKET so that it fulfills its full potential. It's a rocking hard or soft-side cooler, a great seat, and the best bait bucket you will ever have. It's dry storage, wet storage, hard or soft-side luggage and useful for just about anything and anywhere your adventures take you. Your adventurous spirit is the only thing that limits the uses for THE ORGINAL BOOZIE BUCKET. We know we've only thought of some of its thousands of uses. We know you will add more.

The Original Boozie Bucket is sold by Uncle JJ Enterprises at bait shops around Florida. It is also available on-line at and at Wild Manta.


Medication on Demand (MOD)

Oral PCA Device

The MOD® is a secure wireless PCA device that holds eight doses of the patient's pain medication. The device is safely locked onto an IV pole and delivered to the bedside within easy reach of the patient. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristband is registered to the receiving patient through MODTrac™, the device's software program. Clinician orders are entered into the MODTrac system and at prescribed lock-out time intervals, a green light illuminates and the patient knows that the next dose of pain medication is available, as/if needed. Sixty minutes after each dose, the patient is prompted to re-enter his or her pain score, providing the healthcare team with a real-time view of how the patient's pain is responding to the prescribed treatment.

The MOD is sold by Avancen MOD Corp at


Pill Suite

Travel Pill Packaging Device

The Pill Suite is a convenient pill system that gives freedom and confidence to anyone taking regular medication or supplements. Whether its one day or an entire month, the Pill Suite quickly and efficiently packages each dose in a clean, easy to open, biodegradeable bag. Each bag is sealed with a portable battery-powered heat sealer to be fresh and clean. Packs are easily opened with perforated side tear. Once you try the Pill Suite, you will enjoy the freedom of travel, convenience, and confidence that Pill Suite Enables. The Pill Suite was created for the active lifestyle, but is equally as convenient for a caregiver that or the chronic pain sufferer that takes multiple medications at different times of the day. Wild Manta is proud to work with the fine folks at Pill Suite.

The Pill Suite is sold by Pill Suite at It is also available at Wild Manta.


Red Rock Low Profile DF

Low Profile Integrated DF System

The DRS RedRock Geolocation System is the most highly integrated Direction Finding (DF) geolocation system available today. The system is simply a sensor and a PC. The sensor includes all antenna and signal processing equipment integrated in a small, lightweight package. The PC hosts a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for control and "heat map" display of battle space emitters for intuitive, precise geolocation. .

The RedRock System is sold by DRS Technologies.


The DRS Backstone DF/TDOA

Man-Pack DF/TDOA System

The DRS Blackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA System provides mission-critical intelligence to the warfighter by rapidly detecting and locating a wide range of threat signals, monitoring signals of interest, and supporting real-time analysis of the signal environment. The system's light weight, low power consumption, field programmability, and multiple deployment configurations make it well suited for a wide range of operational scenarios. This DF sensor can easily be easily integrated into existing MOLLE/PALS webbing chest rigs and with a tactical radio for internode and squad communications. The Blackstone System utilizes ruggedized Smartphone Technology for configuration, command and control of the system. It also displays parameters of intercepted signals and the positions of team members overlaid on a geo-referenced map. This provides situational awareness.

The BlackStone System is sold by DRS Technologies.

DRB Packaging

DRB Packaging

Think inside the Box

How does a wind turbine safely move around the world, from its manufacturer to its final destination? Or what about highly sensitive medical devices meant for a greater mission. How will they reach their new owners without incident? Packaging solves these challenges, but not just any standard shipment preparation. Before these products can ever start producing, defending, or protecting, it's our job to build custom, specialized cases and packaging inserts that are protecting them in return. With over thirty years experience creating innovative packaging products nationwide, and now located in Brevard County, Florida, our team members have become trusted solutions providers to Fortune 500 companies, leading government contractors, and small businesses that need to safely ship or store industry leading products. The wind turbines, radon detectors, medical devices, test tubes, and countless other technical innovations that don't fit the typical box are counting on us.

Wild Manta works with DRB Packaging to grow this unique capability on the Space Coast

MFW Synergy Groups

My Father's World

Synergy Groups - Learning Together

Synergy means "working together" and describes the multiplying results when we join together to create something greater than our individual efforts. A Synergy Group™ provides a weekly community for two or more like-minded families to encourage each other and gain the many benefits of working together. Synergy Group Guides are written so that families using the same year of MFW curriculum can meet and participate in group activities. Activities are primarily those already scheduled in the MFW Teacher's Manuals. We were careful not to increase the weekly time or work load for the parent and student. Group activities reinforce lessons learned during the week at home while also giving an opportunity for public speaking, public prayer, and group interaction.

Wild Manta worked with MFW to write and run the first trial groups for many of the packages to validate the concept. MFW Synergy group manuals are sold by My Father's World

ST Valve

The ST Valve

Low Profile Amputee Limb Valve

The ST Valve is a low profile amputee limb valve that allows amputees to quickly and easily put on and remove their prostheses with minimal effort. It is compatible with Rigid Acrylic Laminations and Thermo Sealing Plastics. The user can easily remove socket from hard frame with no worries. The ST Valve reseals every time. It can be removed easily with no pliers needed, keeping surfaces smooth and free from nicks etc. The integrated vertical air chambers allows air to enter and leave the valve easily. This low profile valve increases comfort for the user/patient. Special attention was given to rounded edges in just the right places to increase comfort.

The ST Valve is sold by Geo Designs Unlimited, a Veteran Owned Business.


Swampy's Florida

Bringing Florida History To Life through Coloring Books

Swampy's Florida features the ever wandering creature Swampy and his friends as they travel Florida and learn about Florida's history. Follow Swampy and his friends through their Coloring and Travel Guides, Prints and Post Cards. Each one is created based on an actual place you can visit in Florida. Swampy's Florida works with local Historical Societies, Chambers of Commerce, and local businesses to create historically accurate and fun Coloring and Travel Guide books that can be shared with kids of all ages. He also creates watercolor prints of special landmarks adorned with Swampy and his friends.

Swampy products can be purchased through or at Wild Manta.



The Future of Concealed Carry

Discreetly hung from a belt or inside a purse, The ABDO™ looks like a cell phone and is concealment in plain view. A new and innovative way to conceal carry. This simple and unique device offers fast and easy concealed carry at your fingertips. Check back soon for other variations including a portable first aid kit, emergency survival kit, Molle Trauma pack, quick access snake bite kit and much more. Also coming soon is The Smart ABDO™, incorporating GPS / WiFi communication, remote access / control, electronic locking / tracking, audible alarm, remote app interface and much more.

We worked on the ABDO with CADAlyst Designs. The ABDO is sold by EEA Corp at



True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

After years of study, respected ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Dr. Eric Hensen designed FreeWavz to deliver sound the way the ear is designed to hear it in a form custom fit to the contour of the ear for comfort and security, free from wires and the carry of bulky devices. FreeWavz brings wEARable tech to the Ears. The FreeWavz are sleek, simple-to-use Bluetooth earphones that fit comfortably on the ears and optimize sound the way the ear is designed to hear it. Through FreeWavz earphones, you can hear updates of Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Calories Burned, Distance, Speed and Duration. You are in control of what fitness metrics you want to hear and how often. You can even customize the audio updates based on what workout you are doing. FreeWavz have the ability to perform basic Siri commands so you can stay heads-up your entire workout- no need for other fitness devices.


Accurate Defense Group

Custom Bolt Action Rifles

Accurate Defense Group, LLC was founded in the winter of 2014 by Brian Helms (CEO) and Jason McKinney (COO). The platform was simple: Customer Service and Product Quality above all else. Our focus is to the military, law enforcement, and responsible patriotic citizens of these United States. ADG offers a wide range of Enhanced Bolt Action Weapon systems, complete upper receivers, triggers, stocks, optics mounts, barrel assemblies to name a few.

ADG is a Veteran Owned and Operated.