Frequently Asked Questions

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It starts with a call or a face-to-face meeting. We want to meet you to discuss your product, company, and vision. We have a new customer package to give you which goes over how we work, contact info, a short questionaire, and some helpful articles on our method for bringing a product to market
We have a variety of arrangements. But, they fall into four basic categories. They are Time and Materials, Firm Fixed Price, Fixed Montly Spend, and royalty-based,. In order to maintain the integrity of our process, we do not work for stock or equity with any of our customers.
We have a product development agreement that outlines the committments for both Wild Manta and the product creator. We do this once we figure out that the we are good fit for your company or product.
We work with large companies to individual inventors. We focus on three things. We place specific priority on locally built, physical products that are exported from the area. We like to see a drive for job creation and economic development. We want to see that the idea owner is inspired and excited about their product idea.
General hours are:
9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. We set aside Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and 2pm for new product meetings. So, if one of those fits, you can call ahead for an appointment. If one of those times doesn't fit, contact us and we will set up a more convenient time.

We are not an incubator. We build products/systems and lasting companies. Our goal is long-term relationships with thriving companies that create a long list of sucecssful products, employ people and are anchors in their community.
Yes we do. Our focus is on building local economies. We have a special passion for our local area (Brevard County), but also work with customers anyhere in the the U.S.
We are looking for a minimum product revenue potential of $3M-$5M in annual sales within a few years. This creates a healthy company or product line that employs people and serves as a stable source of income to the owner.
While we can work any phase, we work best when we are involved from the beginning so we can match the product, brand and culture of the company. This is where we create the most value. We can work with you from the very beginning and design something specific to the market. We don't need a specification. We can help you generate one.
We work to both create and document your intellectual property. We work with IP counsel that is reasonable and approachable to make sure your ideas are protected. Or, we can work with your IP counsel to make sure your IP is protected.

You can reach us via phone or email. Our main office number is 321-676-8606 and our e-mail us at Ideas@WildManta.Com


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